What’s to come….

5 Sep

I’m going to be changing things up a bit. I am starting a clean eating challenge on saturday so I will start posting recipes and pics of the food. I also signed up for Foodie Pen Pals. It’s super neat! Click on the little icon on the side of my blog to see what it’s all about and sign up.  I am also going to be a maniac about my workouts. I have a HUGE anniversary coming up and want to feel awesome for it! 🙂 If you are into clean eating, maybe you could share some recipes ???? 


Holy Crap I’m Still Doing It!! :)

5 Jul

So, my weigh in isn’t officially until Saturday, but I am FINALLY down into the 120’s.  This is HUGE for me. My pants still are not really getting any bigger so I am wondering what the deal is. I have lost a total of 14 pounds since starting Ideal Protein on June 9th. I am feeling super dizzy though, which worries me. I REALLY hope it’s not a sign of something else I don’t want. I guess we’ll see. I am also really craving apples today. I’m not allowed any fruit. 😦 I am planning on going past my goal by a few pounds so the first day I can eat chicken parmigiana, cheesey garlic bread, and fruit. Then, I’ll be back on a raw food diet six days a week.  The seventh will be my “eat like a normal person” day because I LOVE bread. I just about lost it the other day making food for my family all day. It started with pancakes, then pizza and garlic bread, then spaghetti with cupcakes for dessert. It was like torture. I figure I only have about a month left to go and then I can eat these things in moderation. It is going to be fabulous! 😀

Finally Losing It!!

21 Jun

So I kind of feel like I am going to curse myself by posting this. BUT, since starting Ideal Protein on June 9th, I have lost 8.2 pounds!!!!! The first five days I felt like I was going to pass out for sure. The sixth day I woke up and kind of felt normal again.  It is my goal to lose one more pound by the time I weigh in on Saturday, but whatever happens happens. I am already thrilled with the results. The last time I was at this weight I was pregnant with my first child. I have a box of clothes from before I was too pregnant to fit in normal people clothes and I have given myself til my birthday to fit into them or I am donating them. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue for me, but these are my all time favorite clothes. I also have a really hard time finding pants that fit me right because I am too tall for petites and just a little too short for regular pants. Plus, I have a big butt no matter how small the rest of me is. The pants in that box all fit me PERFECTLY. I think I only have 17 more pounds to go! 😀

Ideal Protein here we go…

9 Jun

I started the Ideal Protein diet today. My mouth is pretty much healed, except it hurt when I ate raw celery today. Plus, since I had my fillings drilled out and redone, my one tooth hurts every time I eat anything that is the slightest bit cold on that side. So far the food has been ok. I hope this works for me, I certainly spent enough money on everything. I am trying to get everything crunchy eaten before Tuesday because that’s when I get my braces on. According to the diet I should be losing about three pounds a week. That would put me at my goal in about eight weeks. (YAY!)

Hello Liquid Diet!!

29 May

It has been so long since I have blogged. After I lost the weight I gained, I gained it all back plus some. 😦  I am so disappointed in myself.  I am FINALLY getting braces so today I had four teeth removed.  They said I will be able to eat soft solid food, but to be careful so I don’t get dry sockets. I got dry sockets when I had my wisdom teeth out like 12 years ago and it was so freaking painful.  I don’t even want to risk it, so I will be on a liquid diet for the next two weeks plus maybe a couple of days because I get my braces on in exactly two weeks. I heard that makes your teeth hurt 😉  so I might prolong it a few days. I am open to any soup recipes that anyone might have. I would like them to be completely liquid (no chunks). I just ate a protidiet creamy chicken one. My mouth is still pretty numb, but from what I could tell it tasted pretty good. The only problem with that is there is only 70 calories in it. I know I will lose weight only drinking liquids, but I certainly don’t want to starve myself. The sodium is pretty high in it too so I don’t want to eat more than one per meal.  Being a cancer survivor, my sodium intake should be 2400 mg or less. That seems like a lot to me so I would like to keep it around 1800 or so.

P90X Starting over–for real

9 Apr

So I decided to take some time off from p90x because it seemed like I would be ok for a couple of days and then I would start feeling like crap again.  It took me two FULL weeks to get over a stupid cold. I am starting over at day one today and I have decided to step up the workout to include one of the bonus cardio workouts. I know I am going to feel it tomorrow, but that’s the plan. The last time I did p90x I gained five pounds. Hopefully doing the cardio with it will help keep that from happening this time. We are moving on Thursday and we are not really ready for it.  We have almost nothing packed. I am hoping that getting back into working out will help me to have more energy to get a moving with packing.  I hope my body can handle the extra work out. I’m going to be a little disappointed if it turns out to be too much and I have to cut back.  So, here I go again……(there’s no stopping me this time)  🙂

Feeling a tad discouraged P90X

29 Mar

Today I am starting my third week of P90X and not only am I not losing weight, but I am GAINING!!! I know I will keep at it, but it is a little frustrating when the scale is going the wrong direction. 😦  On a happier note, we are moving in one week from today. WOOOOHOOO!  Now, if we can only get going with packing the house up.  We have so much to do! We haven’t even started.  It’s my goal to get two of the bedrooms done tonight. Hopefully I can get it done.