Wondering what my deal is Day 3- P90X

18 Mar

I almost skipped today (sat) by telling myself “I’ll do it in the a.m and then do sunday’s workout in the evening”. What is my problem?! If I would have sucked it up earlier I would probably be sleeping by now. Instead, it’s almost one a.m. and I just finished. I know my arms are going to be putty in the morning and hopefully more recovered by monday because I use my arm a LOT at work. I almost want to do the workout from yesterday tomorrow a.m and then do the yoga, which is the workout scheduled for day 4, in the evening. I feel SO awesome after working out. This is a big part of why I don’t get why I have such a hard time motivating myself to do it in the first place.

I finally bought some pre-workout drink mix stuff. They guy at the vitamin store said it tasted “super yummy”. I am always skeptical about what people think tastes good, especially when it says ‘fruit fusion’. I am probably one of the only people who can’t stand fruit punch. I checked out all of the ones in the store and they were all some sort of mixed fruit flavor. I totally lucked out. It was pretty good except for the sucralose part.

I also realized something about myself. I LOVE working out barefoot!!!! I thought I might drop a weight on my foot or something, but it went well and all weights stayed off my feet. 🙂


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