Kind of Starting Over P90X…

26 Mar

So I have totally been feeling like crap these past few days and not working out. I actually have been feeling like crap for about two weeks.  I was thinking that maybe I just had a cold, but since getting chemo I will start to get sick then get better then get sick and so on.  It sucks.  These past few days wiped me out. I was feeling a little better today so I did the polymetrix (I think that’s what it’s called) and tomorrow morning it’s my plan to do the leg work out which would be my regular workout for Mondays.   I know I’m not following the P90X workout plan, but I cannot do arms and expect to be my best at work, that’s why my arm workouts are on Saturdays 🙂  I was planning on doing two workouts today and then two in the morning, but I know if I push myself too much I will not get better.  It now feels like whatever is wrong with me has moved into my ears. It’s making my throat scratchy and my ears plugged.  BUT, I am feeling WAY WAY better.  I think my body appreciated sleeping in over the weekend. I think there was something wrong with my boys because they slept in until 10am too.  I took that as a sign that I really should be sleeping instead of working out 😀


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