P90X Starting over–for real

9 Apr

So I decided to take some time off from p90x because it seemed like I would be ok for a couple of days and then I would start feeling like crap again.  It took me two FULL weeks to get over a stupid cold. I am starting over at day one today and I have decided to step up the workout to include one of the bonus cardio workouts. I know I am going to feel it tomorrow, but that’s the plan. The last time I did p90x I gained five pounds. Hopefully doing the cardio with it will help keep that from happening this time. We are moving on Thursday and we are not really ready for it.  We have almost nothing packed. I am hoping that getting back into working out will help me to have more energy to get a moving with packing.  I hope my body can handle the extra work out. I’m going to be a little disappointed if it turns out to be too much and I have to cut back.  So, here I go again……(there’s no stopping me this time)  🙂


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