Hello Liquid Diet!!

29 May

It has been so long since I have blogged. After I lost the weight I gained, I gained it all back plus some. 😦  I am so disappointed in myself.  I am FINALLY getting braces so today I had four teeth removed.  They said I will be able to eat soft solid food, but to be careful so I don’t get dry sockets. I got dry sockets when I had my wisdom teeth out like 12 years ago and it was so freaking painful.  I don’t even want to risk it, so I will be on a liquid diet for the next two weeks plus maybe a couple of days because I get my braces on in exactly two weeks. I heard that makes your teeth hurt 😉  so I might prolong it a few days. I am open to any soup recipes that anyone might have. I would like them to be completely liquid (no chunks). I just ate a protidiet creamy chicken one. My mouth is still pretty numb, but from what I could tell it tasted pretty good. The only problem with that is there is only 70 calories in it. I know I will lose weight only drinking liquids, but I certainly don’t want to starve myself. The sodium is pretty high in it too so I don’t want to eat more than one per meal.  Being a cancer survivor, my sodium intake should be 2400 mg or less. That seems like a lot to me so I would like to keep it around 1800 or so.


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