Holy Crap I’m Still Doing It!! :)

5 Jul

So, my weigh in isn’t officially until Saturday, but I am FINALLY down into the 120’s.  This is HUGE for me. My pants still are not really getting any bigger so I am wondering what the deal is. I have lost a total of 14 pounds since starting Ideal Protein on June 9th. I am feeling super dizzy though, which worries me. I REALLY hope it’s not a sign of something else I don’t want. I guess we’ll see. I am also really craving apples today. I’m not allowed any fruit. 😦 I am planning on going past my goal by a few pounds so the first day I can eat chicken parmigiana, cheesey garlic bread, and fruit. Then, I’ll be back on a raw food diet six days a week.  The seventh will be my “eat like a normal person” day because I LOVE bread. I just about lost it the other day making food for my family all day. It started with pancakes, then pizza and garlic bread, then spaghetti with cupcakes for dessert. It was like torture. I figure I only have about a month left to go and then I can eat these things in moderation. It is going to be fabulous! 😀


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