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Finally Losing It!!

21 Jun

So I kind of feel like I am going to curse myself by posting this. BUT, since starting Ideal Protein on June 9th, I have lost 8.2 pounds!!!!! The first five days I felt like I was going to pass out for sure. The sixth day I woke up and kind of felt normal again.  It is my goal to lose one more pound by the time I weigh in on Saturday, but whatever happens happens. I am already thrilled with the results. The last time I was at this weight I was pregnant with my first child. I have a box of clothes from before I was too pregnant to fit in normal people clothes and I have given myself til my birthday to fit into them or I am donating them. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue for me, but these are my all time favorite clothes. I also have a really hard time finding pants that fit me right because I am too tall for petites and just a little too short for regular pants. Plus, I have a big butt no matter how small the rest of me is. The pants in that box all fit me PERFECTLY. I think I only have 17 more pounds to go! 😀


Ideal Protein here we go…

9 Jun

I started the Ideal Protein diet today. My mouth is pretty much healed, except it hurt when I ate raw celery today. Plus, since I had my fillings drilled out and redone, my one tooth hurts every time I eat anything that is the slightest bit cold on that side. So far the food has been ok. I hope this works for me, I certainly spent enough money on everything. I am trying to get everything crunchy eaten before Tuesday because that’s when I get my braces on. According to the diet I should be losing about three pounds a week. That would put me at my goal in about eight weeks. (YAY!)