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P90X Starting over–for real

9 Apr

So I decided to take some time off from p90x because it seemed like I would be ok for a couple of days and then I would start feeling like crap again.  It took me two FULL weeks to get over a stupid cold. I am starting over at day one today and I have decided to step up the workout to include one of the bonus cardio workouts. I know I am going to feel it tomorrow, but that’s the plan. The last time I did p90x I gained five pounds. Hopefully doing the cardio with it will help keep that from happening this time. We are moving on Thursday and we are not really ready for it.  We have almost nothing packed. I am hoping that getting back into working out will help me to have more energy to get a moving with packing.  I hope my body can handle the extra work out. I’m going to be a little disappointed if it turns out to be too much and I have to cut back.  So, here I go again……(there’s no stopping me this time)  🙂


Feeling a tad discouraged P90X

29 Mar

Today I am starting my third week of P90X and not only am I not losing weight, but I am GAINING!!! I know I will keep at it, but it is a little frustrating when the scale is going the wrong direction. 😦  On a happier note, we are moving in one week from today. WOOOOHOOO!  Now, if we can only get going with packing the house up.  We have so much to do! We haven’t even started.  It’s my goal to get two of the bedrooms done tonight. Hopefully I can get it done. 

Kind of Starting Over P90X…

26 Mar

So I have totally been feeling like crap these past few days and not working out. I actually have been feeling like crap for about two weeks.  I was thinking that maybe I just had a cold, but since getting chemo I will start to get sick then get better then get sick and so on.  It sucks.  These past few days wiped me out. I was feeling a little better today so I did the polymetrix (I think that’s what it’s called) and tomorrow morning it’s my plan to do the leg work out which would be my regular workout for Mondays.   I know I’m not following the P90X workout plan, but I cannot do arms and expect to be my best at work, that’s why my arm workouts are on Saturdays 🙂  I was planning on doing two workouts today and then two in the morning, but I know if I push myself too much I will not get better.  It now feels like whatever is wrong with me has moved into my ears. It’s making my throat scratchy and my ears plugged.  BUT, I am feeling WAY WAY better.  I think my body appreciated sleeping in over the weekend. I think there was something wrong with my boys because they slept in until 10am too.  I took that as a sign that I really should be sleeping instead of working out 😀

Day ??? P90X

22 Mar

Oh, I guess this would be Day 7 because I am starting over with the day one workout. I probably won’t be done until after midnight. :/  BUT, it will get done! I ate at outback tonight and ate the one thing on the menu that probably has the MOST calories. Whatever. I was starving. I also should mention that I only ate half a special k protein bar for lunch and felt entitled to eat whatever I wanted for supper.  We’ll see how well that theory holds up when I get on the scale next time.  Good thing that won’t be for a few days 🙂  I am feeling a little frustrated with the support I am receiving from my husband. It is nonexistent.  I know he would like it if I lost a few, but he is ZERO help with encouraging me.  Tonight he asked if I had worked out yet.  I have no free time except when he goes to work or if I wake up early to do it. So, why don’t I just wake up early, right? Because I really have a hard time waking up at 5 when I fell asleep after midnight because he is talking to me.  GRRRRR.   I should probably just get over it. I know that being frustrated isn’t doing me any good. So, I guess I’m over it…..   🙂

What is this…Day 5??? P90X

20 Mar

I was not feeling well at all yesterday. I took a nap on my lunch break and I fell asleep as soon as I got home. Needless to say, I did not workout. 😦  But, this a.m. I did the legs and back video and it’s my plan to do the kenpo (i think that’s what it’s called) this evening. It is very important to me to keep the schedule I have so I am doing arms on saturday. That way I am mostly recovered by Monday morning when I have to work.  I am feeling a little gross right now, I probably should have ate more than half a banana before my workout. After, I ate a special k bar and drank some protein, but I’m still not feeling it. I think it might be time to put some more food in my belly.  On a positive note, I have lost 2 of the 4 pounds I gained since starting the P90X 😀  Now, let’s get that number higher! (the pounds lost number)

Wondering what my deal is Day 3- P90X

18 Mar

I almost skipped today (sat) by telling myself “I’ll do it in the a.m and then do sunday’s workout in the evening”. What is my problem?! If I would have sucked it up earlier I would probably be sleeping by now. Instead, it’s almost one a.m. and I just finished. I know my arms are going to be putty in the morning and hopefully more recovered by monday because I use my arm a LOT at work. I almost want to do the workout from yesterday tomorrow a.m and then do the yoga, which is the workout scheduled for day 4, in the evening. I feel SO awesome after working out. This is a big part of why I don’t get why I have such a hard time motivating myself to do it in the first place.

I finally bought some pre-workout drink mix stuff. They guy at the vitamin store said it tasted “super yummy”. I am always skeptical about what people think tastes good, especially when it says ‘fruit fusion’. I am probably one of the only people who can’t stand fruit punch. I checked out all of the ones in the store and they were all some sort of mixed fruit flavor. I totally lucked out. It was pretty good except for the sucralose part.

I also realized something about myself. I LOVE working out barefoot!!!! I thought I might drop a weight on my foot or something, but it went well and all weights stayed off my feet. 🙂

DAY 2- P90X

16 Mar

So this a.m I chose an extra hour of sleep (making it about 5 for the night) over working out. My body still hurt from yesterday. I was almost SCARED to work out again. (seriously? come on.) At work, all I could think about was excuses on how I would be able to get out of it. Who would I be telling these excuses to? Nobody but myself. I got home and was still so worn out from day one and then working all morning I fell asleep. hard.  I woke up feeling so much better. I just did day two of P90X and kind of wish I would have just done it this morning. It was all cardio type exercises. AND there was a guy in the video with a prosthetic leg. What was I complaining about?! Seriously. Right now I’m sweaty and stinky and I am LOVING it!!! Loving the feeling of  “I DID IT!!!”